Part 5: Diagnosis: Adrenomyeloneuropathy

Here is Part 5 of the tale that I have been telling. Many thanks for reading. Brad

Walking the Rails

Betty was a good sport, and a hard worker. Since I have never been able to consider complex answers to such simple questions, I was confident that she would come back with a straight forward plan of attack. Certainly, an explanation for what had been causing these annoying balance problems. More importantly, I expected an easy solution to remedy them.

True to form, within a couple of days or so, Betty reported back for the morning coffee break and a debriefing of her research efforts. My confidence in Betty remained high, as I anticipated the instant gratification that would surely come along with her findings. I poured us both a cup, sat back, relaxed in my chair as I prepared for the expected simple answers- Betty would have it all.

But as I would learn going forward, none of this could come so easily. Her main resource at NIH, her…

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