First Impulsivity after an Adrenomyeloneuropathy Diagnosis

Here is the next installment of my road to disability. Twenty-five years on, it does not seem completely logical to me.

Walking the Rails

It was the Friday before Mothers’ Day when Dr. Moser dropped the bomb. My body proved resilient, remaining virtually the same as it was the day before, the month before, really even 5 years before. Everything else, though, at least everything that I could see, was flipped on its head. This decapitation of my physical reality from everything else was a wholly emotion-based construct. Easy enough to identify it as such, years on, but impossible to know in that time and place. As a result of this clear difference of opinion, I am confident that it would be difficult for a purely logic-based outsider looking in to understand. On the other side, I expect that to anyone with even a bit of a soul, it might make some sense. I was not worrying so much about these critics. I was focused on only myself, and a tiny bit on those…

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