My Recent Pain Doctor Experience —

Many chronic pain patients have been told there is nothing wrong with them. I had that experience at my last Pain Doctor appointment. About 12 months ago the pain in my hips was so bad I could only sleep for two hours at a time before I had to get out of bed. I was […]

My Recent Pain Doctor Experience —

2 thoughts on “My Recent Pain Doctor Experience —

  1. Unfortunately I am an expert in this subject

    I had a chronic pain doctor, a chronic pain psychologist and was part of a real, in person, chronic pain group

    There were 15 of us, most spinal injuries, fused and suffering

    My pain doc told me this was not the elimination of pain, it is called pain management

    I wanted to to tell him to kiss my ass. When they fail they get defensive and attack the patient

    I threw my opioids away and started hiking on my own, without any of their brilliant advice

    Pain is invisible and pain doctors learn to not feel,your pain, not care really

    I quit them and it was not on good terms

    I was given big bottles of opioids

    Most of the 15 in the chronic pain group were taking between 30 to 45 pills a day with either a stem or pump to supplement the opioids

    Insane how everything has changed

    Doctors and pharmacology makers are the ones who told us opioids were not addictive and told us OxyContin was great at abnormally high doses

    Why have no people gone to jail for what these rich doctors and executives have done to us

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