“So, there you have it, drink Lorenzo’s Oil and grow myelin!”

Here is a brief story about how I picked up some false hope and went with it.

Walking the Rails

Although the study was halted, I still needed to come in for my final study appointment. Compared to my previous visits, my mood was not great. Still, I tried to be optimistic. I arrived armed with questions: “why was the study stopped early”, and with a bit of desperation, “were they able to salvage any useful data?” I met with Dr. Gerald Raymond. First, he confessed that at the onset of the study he was less optimistic than Dr. Moser. I found that to be a strange introduction, it got my attention.

Then, he warned me that there was no way that he could tell me that Lorenzo’s Oil is an effective treatment. Even more weirdness, why would he give that sort of qualifying statement?

Dr Raymond carefully stated that “an initial look at the imaging data looked promising.” By now, I was super intrigued. He sketched out a figure…

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