Fire in the hole!

The Clinical Trial of one begins!

Walking the Rails

Untangling the shipping mess was going to wait. I had 17 bottles, and was on the program. I figured that my dose ought to be 50 mL per day. I vividly remember that first day. The whole family gathered around the kitchen table, almost like a ceremony. They watched as I carefully measured out the dose, then quickly threw it back to a grand applause. I am not thinking that the kids understood how important the moment was to me, but they played along, and their enthusiasm added to my excitement.

My new daily ritual was in place. I had read that some folks split the dose up throughout the day, or tried to disguise it in their food. Myself, I saw no way to enhance the palatability of this stuff: like my whiskey, I did it straight up. Certainly not tasty. Not too bad, though, and from where I…

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