Begin Again — Army of Angels: Part 2

It’s been a really long time since I have added to my blog. My body, mind, and soul were spinning and drowning…hoping to someday be able to come up for air again! That day is here…..finally. All of the weight I was carrying for my loved ones was further trampled upon by the domestic violence […]

Begin Again — Army of Angels: Part 2

3 thoughts on “Begin Again — Army of Angels: Part 2

  1. I knew this day would come and it worked out perfect!!!!!!! Defend himself! What a joke but it showed the judge what a lonny tune he was! Not to mention, the kids Arnold enough to decide who they want to live with so it’s clear it’s not him!

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    1. It was a long time coming! I am hoping that having this order on file may prevent other attorneys from taking his case, should he try anything again. My attorney said the way she worded her ruling made it basically “appeal proof”.

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