Getting to Know Mr. Augusto

I am trying to come back into the fold after a 3 month sabbatical of sorts. Not to say that I will, but I’d like to. Melinda, many thanks for the gentle nudge!

Walking the Rails

I guess I never knew quite what it cost. There were a few extras: wire fees, shipping charges, U.S. import duties and the like. Besides, I bought the stuff in Euros, and I always get confused by exchange rates. It seems that in December, 2009, it came to around $175 a bottle, which was enough for maybe 10 days, depending on how careful I was when I poured it. Whatever it was, it was pricey, it could be dangerous if not used properly and the diet was no fun.

My strategy was to keep taking it for as long as my body could stand it, hoping it stabilized the disease while I waited for the development of a better, curative therapy.

It had taken a bit of persistence and plenty of luck. But here I was. This was my experiment, and I felt fortunate to be in on it. No…

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