Don’t Let People Weaken Your Resolve

Bipolar: A Way Of Life

I’ve known too many of these types. I was gullible and believed them. The result was devastating. I couldn’t stand alone.

Lucky for me I’m in group therapy now. There are two staff present who moderate the group.

I attend this group 4 mornings/week.

With that frequency I’m learning what healthy interactions are. I get enough exposure. I’m learning from example.

Now, the toxic people I deal with all stick out like sore thumbs. Maybe the person isn’t toxic but their behaviors most certainly are.

People like to make me doubt myself. Some of these people have less life experience than I do so it’s laughable.

I have less time for them as I value my alone time and search for healthy interaction elsewhere.

I believe I will know it when I see it. I feel strong on this.

A toxic person would only make me doubt this conclusion.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Let People Weaken Your Resolve

  1. Honestly, we have to quit negative people around us. You can’t live a positive life with negative people around. They increase your chances of having a negative mindset. Don’t let anyone doubt your resolve. Believe in yourself and work the best for your life

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