Let It Go Friday


Happy Friday y’all! It seems like it has been a long week and I am not sure how we made it through, but we did! I am sure you are looking forward to the weekend just as much as I am. Thankfully, I do not have any plans for the weekend and I plan to enjoy doing nothing. Do you have anything exciting planned? No matter what you have in store for the weekend, I hope you enjoy and do so safely.

After a long and frustrating week, Friday is a day to let go of those negative emotions and relax. Our weekend is so short we should not allow the previous week to ruin it for us. Once we leave the feelings we felt from the week in the past, it will leave room for better things to fill our hearts and minds. I hope you find the quote…

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One thought on “Let It Go Friday

  1. I feel aligned with your words and gratitude. I am 59 and I am finally letting “it” go, moment by moment, day by day and practicing mindfulness, meditation and blogging as my new expressive outlet. TY!

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