Don’t Believe the Lies

Don't Lose Hope

Society communicates some powerful beliefs which we tend to accept, and then judge ourselves by.

And yet these are destructive, and self-limiting, lies.

They include:

1. I am what I have: Stuff is only stuff. It is never more than that. And we all have different reasons for acquiring stuff, and also different attitudes towards that stuff.

For example, some people find they’re born into a wealthy privileged home; whilst other families struggle just to fight off poverty.

Also … wealth matters to some people so they want to own large homes, to buy expensive cars, and have the latest games and toys. Others aren’t motivated by those things at all.

2. I am what I’ve done: None of us is perfect. We all have some regrets. But what matters themost is what we learn from our mistakes.

It’s who you are today that is your…

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