Symptoms of a Wounded Heart

Don't Lose Hope

Symptom of a wounded heart include:

1. Every day is a struggle to believe in yourself. You feel completely worthless and inadequate. You are always criticizing and attacking yourself, and are constantly clothed in a cloak of shame.

2. You find it hard to accept yourself, and can’t believe others can accept you either. You interpret everything you say and do in a disparaging and negative light.

3. You can’t see your strengths, and your good qualities, and are constantly battling painful negative feelings.

3. You feel driven to be perfect – so you try and you try – but there’s never a time when feel “it’s good enough”. Instead, you judge yourself harshly; never give yourself a break; and you’re always deeply disappointed in yourself. Also, you always feel guilty – and believed that you have failed.

4. You find it almost impossible to trust other people, and are…

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