Apathy Surrenders to Progress!

Been gone a while, thinking and working. I hope that you all are well. Here is a continuation of the story that I began to share with you months ago.

Walking the Rails

Status quo continued. Life seemed to be back on course with the wins sometimes more common than the defeats. Something remained, though, and I had no idea what it was.

What was it that I required? Who could know, but it seemed that I had both short- and long-term ideas. I needed to stay healthy, active and independent. Beyond that was a wild card. I had spent nearly 15 years figuring out who I was, all the while insulating myself from the community of people stricken by X-ALD. Was that denial? I do not expect it was. Truth be told, most of the people that I met did little for me. Hearing the same stories about how bad it will get, or learning just how useless a crippled carpenter feels did not sit well with me. So, I continued my battle alone. It was a one-man battle.

And I have…

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