Appointment Update and other thoughts


I was unusually nervous about my appointment today with the Neurologist. I always worry they are going to give me the bad news and that the MS is progressing. It is always something that weighs on my mind and remains in the back of my mind. I know it is irrational, but it is a concern that I live with. Thankfully, the appointment went well, and the PA does not think the MS is progressing. She understands that the issues I am experiencing are worse than they have been, but it is something we will be working on. There is another medication she would like for me to try to help the neuropathy pain, but I am not sure I am completely comfortable with it. She also mentioned a therapy that might help with the increased dizziness I have been dealing with as well.

The medication the PA would like…

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5 thoughts on “Appointment Update and other thoughts

  1. Lyrica is often given for Fibro and Neuropathy. I prefer Gabbapintine, probably spelled wrong. it works well for me when the other drugs didn’t work. If your near[ahty is that bad, you can try it and see. There’s no need to live in more pain than needed. πŸ™‚

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    1. I think that is why the PA wanted me to try Lyrica because of the neuropathy. I do not think it is safe to mix Lyrica and Neurontin though. She wanted me to keep taking the Neurontin, but add the Lyrica. I might try it, but right now I am still a little uncomfortable with the combination. Thank you for your comment!

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      1. Well do your homework and see what all the side effects are and medication interactions. That should put you at ease. Lyrica, Gabapenton and Cybalta. I took Cymbaalta years ago for my mental health and it packs on the pouds, I don’t remember at weight gain Lyrica. The Patient Intructions will give all the meds to avoid and if eight gain is an issue it will show under side effects. I have terrible neurophaty and Gabapenton works great, my neuropathy is no longer a problem. What are you taking Neurontin for? Neurontin interferes with several meds, so be very careful. One of my doctors did look at my chart and I was sick to read all the info, boy it thru me a phychotic state for two days. Do your homework and let her know what you found and what you feel comfortable taking.

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        1. It is crazy because I am already on a high dose of Gebepenton and I do not think it mixes well or safely with Lyrica. The neuropathy has gotten much worst lately, which is why the PA wanted me to try Lyrica. You would think she knows what she is doing, but when I looked it up and my mother who is a nurse looked it up, it is not safe.

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          1. Keep doing your homework, sometimes drugs that interact is so lo doctors prescribe. I have several meds for my mental illness that have some interactions but I’ve had no problem. Are you taking Gabenpten, spelling problem. Is it not working? Maybe it’s time to come off Gab and try Lyica. Just an idea. Did you read the Precribing Instruction from the drug maker. That is the best place to get all the info. Good luck.


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