6 Lesions is not proof, but…..

Walking the Rails

When I was diagnosed with AMN some years ago, I remember telling myself: I am ok with a wheelchair, but please, please leave my brain alone. So, as I was advised, I got the annual MRI. Nerve-wracking for the first several times, but became routine. Back in those days, the company line was if you don’t get it by 40, you won’t. Well, 40 came and went, and then they stopped saying that. So, I continued with the MRI thing.

At some point, I starting asking questions: so, if I am not a candidate for a bone marrow transplant, and there are no therapies, what is the point? So I stopped the scans.

Earlier this year, I was chatting with someone at Kennedy-Krieger who wanted to know when I last had an MRI. I was not sure, and explained my thinkings on the topic. She mentioned that it seemed as…

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