Truths for those Living with an Addict

Don't Lose Hope

Living with someone who is battling an addiction is often very painful and challenging. But if you have made the decision to stay, then here are some hard truths that you will need to face:

1. He or she cannot be trusted to tell the truth. They deny the reality of their struggles and their slips. They hide them from themselves, they hide them from you, and often they will hide them from their counsellor, as well.

2. Don’t expect them to be either responsible or reliable. Their focus isn’t really on sobriety, regardless of their claims, and the things they say to you. This means they will be driven by the need to satisfy their desire for their drug, or their behaviour of choice. At times this means doing things they’ll later regret, and breaking their commitments and promises to you.

3. You can’t control them or make them…

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