We support men and women Survivors from every walk of life. Struggles with Trauma, Violence, PTSD, Mental Illness, Adoption, Child Abuse and more.

Providing support as you work towards healing, taking steps forward, moving beyond the pain and struggle. We’re a collaborative of like-minded writers and photographers with a mission: to offer a creative, honest and safe place to gather. We offer support from a team of Survivors with diverse backgrounds, we believe everyone has a story to tell.

The Founders of Survivors Blog Here are Army of Angels, Hyperion and Looking for the Light Blog. We’re thrilled you stopped by, we hope you pulled up a chair and found inspiration, a post you can relate to or learned something completely new.

We’re proud of our respected Contributors: A Patients Voice, Sedge, Casey, Robert M Goldstein, Survivor Road, Surviving the Specter and Living with Paralysis. 

Our writers offer an interesting perspective, humor and wealth of knowledge through personal experiences. Each writer has their own blog, be sure to stop by their individual sites. Your questions and comments are important to us, you’ll get honest feedback even when it’s not want you want to hear. Everyone is important.

“The end is simply the beginning of an even longer story”  Zadie Smith

Two balanced rocks contrast a sea of stones under a blue sky.
Two balanced rocks contrast a sea of stones under a blue sky.