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Army of Angels

Army of Angels was born out of a need to break a silence and express gratitude to the beautiful souls who held their hands out and led me from living in a cycle of domestic violence, to a world of healing and love.

When a Toxic Family Member Passes Away

A toxic family member passes a toxic family.  There are so many conflicts and court orders for "no contact", that most of the family can't even attend the funeral!  What to do? Do you send flowers?  Well, if there... Continue Reading →

Casualties of Divorce

It cannot be said enough, that children do not need to be put in the middle of parental disputes.  Shielding them from the "divorce fallout" can be a challenging job, especially if the other parent tries to keep the conflict... Continue Reading →

Not Every Day

Many people walk through life with the expectation of living the Golden Rule, and expecting that others do the same.  Unfortunately, there are also people out there who will not pass up a chance to negate the Golden Rule.  ... Continue Reading →


I must admit, I am probably a cat person.  Oh, there are certain dogs I like, but cats have something special.  I think I really like their independence.   I currently don't have any pets.  Little AoA has some sort... Continue Reading →

King Solomon

This story of King Solomon reminds me of divorce and family court.  When parents continue to fight over the children, it does nothing but hurt the "cutting the child in half".   Putting a child on the bench of... Continue Reading →

…Even after you fix what is broken

AOA talks about the recovery of our bodies after a long term abusive relationship, the connection to the body and getting knee surgery. M

Survivors Blog Here

So many pieces of our lives can be broken…our physical bodies, minds, relationships, spirits…

I have always been a “fixer”. I want to make things better, and be part of the solution. There are many things that, though “fixed” to the best of human ability, do not return to their original state.

Starting with the physical body, as that is my current experience. My right knee had endured a lifetime of overuse and arthritic deterioration. It was to a point of brokenness where nothing could be done to “fix” it, other than to go deep inside and try to “fix” the joint inside my body, by replacing it with a new part. In order to get to that spot in my body, other parts had to be “broken”, namely the muscles which had to be cut in order to get to the troubled spot.

I have a new part in…

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Recently, I was being interviewed (evaluated really), and after sharing a little bit of the belief system I was exposed to during some of my formative years, the evaluator asked,"were your parents hippies?" Well, I never much thought they were.... Continue Reading →

5 Emotional Minutes

We all have those days...emotions sitting just on the verge of being let loose.  What do you choose to do with them?  Do you let them out, regardless of where you are?  Do you stuff them for later...or forever? I... Continue Reading →

Math Magic! Good morning summer math!  My eleven year old shared this video with me, along with the "reveal" about how it was done.  The "reveal" was actually written in the comments of the video, and there are other videos revealing... Continue Reading →

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