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Army of Angels

Army of Angels was born out of a need to break a silence and express gratitude to the beautiful souls who held their hands out and led me from living in a cycle of domestic violence, to a world of healing and love.

Personality Development

There are so many unknowns when leaving an abusive of those unknowns is the effect everything has on the kids.  Both of my younger kids entered therapy upon the initial separation of their dad and I, four years ago.... Continue Reading →

I’m Still Here

One year ago, I sought legal help after spending the winter and spring fending off false accusations made to DCS, police visits when children didn't answer their phones, and much more... I knew it would be no simple task, but... Continue Reading →


I have lived with my own anxiety for a very long time, but it was never to the degree that my 10 year old experiences.  Over time, the family has grown use to his anxiety at home….afraid to be in... Continue Reading →

A Letter to the Family and Friends of Victims

Dear “You,” You are the people that represent stability in a victim’s life, or at least you should.  You are their parents, their siblings, their extended family, and their friends.  Perhaps you are the friend or family of the abuser.... Continue Reading →

Nurturing Emotional Wounds

Emotions should be treated with kindness and a gentle spirit. When an emotions feels like it is too overwhelming you can console that feeling and care for it.  Think of your emotions and feelings as children who need to be... Continue Reading →

Number Two

   Today my little number two turns 26 years old!  It seems like only recently I was awaiting his birth....scared and anxious about raising a son.  I had not been around little boys much...I had no idea what to expect,... Continue Reading →

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