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Harlon, this post will feel many with Pride and leave a big smile of their face. You have that about you, I leave you post always smiling.

A Patient Voice

Have fun with your life

don’t let anyone undo that.

Make Bob Mackie gowns out of towels

or wear a necklace of pearls

and smile and laugh as you do it.

There is more to this world than just boys and just girls,

it’s time that we all embrace that.

Be good to yourself

and to everyone else.

Feel good about yourself

and everyone else

and if you feel you can’t do it

ask for support if you need help

because everyone has the right to be themself.

We all deserve respect

and we all have room for compassion,

and at the end of the day

remember to be grateful for all that happens.

If we all took pride in ourselves and everyone else

this world could be wonderful,

true and not false.

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Sweet Dream?

Thanks for sharing Harlon, life can suck sometimes. Thank goodness for the sunshiny days. M

A Patient Voice

I am sorry if I have seemed distant

or unaware.

I am sorry I don’t return your calls,

it’s not because I don’t care.

I am lethargic

because I can’t get to sleep.

If I start to drift off

I never drift that deep.

I wish I could get out of the grey

and fall into the black.

Somewhere I became afraid

I would never come back.

I find it hard to focus

and express myself

so I tend

to just keep things to myself.

I take pills, 3 of those and 2 of them

but they don’t seem to work anymore.

I think it’s because I feel anxiety

that I have ever felt before.

What I wouldn’t give for a normal sleep?

An old-fashioned good night’s rest.

I don’t feel strong, I could feel better

and I don’t know if I will ever be at my best.

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Midnight At The Oasis

A great reminder from Harlon, we all have to let it go and enjoy the moment. M

A Patient Voice

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Thanks Harlon. You asked a deep question, I pray you have a positive answer soon.

A Patient Voice

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Wishbone (Intended For Mature Audiences Only)

Another great post from Harlon. M

A Patient Voice

I’ve got a bone to pick with you


I’ve got a bone to pick with you

and I am not too sure why.

This doesn’t have to be hasty

things don’t need to turn nasty

as a matter of fact

it might be quite tasty.

You’re just going to have to trust me

that’s what lust is about for me.

I’ve got a bone to pick with you

and it might taste sweet in your pie.

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The Agency Sent Me

Harlan’s on his game today. It’s actually sad but he writes another day. Hugs M

A Patient Voice

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Add Nauseum and Stir

Shit Storm

Harlon shares his concern as a caregiver for his mother. Is he giving her what she needs? Is Harlon not moving forward due to his love for mom. M

A Patient Voice

My mother was being extremely difficult this morning.

As hard as I was trying to reassure her, she was fighting me,

every word I said.

She is anxious and scared and has every right to be.

So do I.

My friends are all saying take care of yourself

and hope that I am finding the support I need.

I would give myself a B+ at taking care of myself

and I have no fucking clue what it means when people say

“I hope you are finding the support you need.”

Caregiving is difficult, especially when you are not just

visiting and caring

but actually living the experience with them,

actually giving care 24/7.

It doesn’t even feel like caregiving sometimes.

It feels like I am just watching her decompose.

I wish someone asked me what do I need?

What could someone do to actually help me out on a practical…

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Cornado Bay is quite, great beach, relaxing sounds of the waves. It’s a place I listen to tides and think.
Thanks Harlon

A Patient Voice

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