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I Was Recently Paralyzed and I'm Trying to Lead By Example, And to Show Others Who are Struggling With Life's Many Challenges, That You Can Overcome Them! And Not Just Overcome Them, But to Thrive While Doing It! Life is worth Living!! Even Though Things Seem Their Darkest, or Even Impossible. You Can Win! If You Put Your Mind To It, Anything Is Possible... I also sell jerky because I cannot live off of Social Security if you could help me out and buy $20 worth of jerky I would really really help me out! my website is Https://

VideoSince I Was Paralyzed Three Years Ago! πŸ˜ŽπŸ€˜πŸ»

Please Watch This Video! Life is Worth Living... #NeverGiveUp

My First Time Fishing 🎣 In a Canoe πŸ›Ά Since I was Paralyzed 3 Years Ago…😎

~~Canoeing πŸ›Ά With My Brother~~

Mothers Day at our Lake Cabin! BearLake is So Beautiful! I’m Proud to Call It My Home! πŸ‘

Never Let Fear Paralyze you!

Background information on Casey Sims our newest member. He will blow your mind. M

Living With Paralysis

Fear can paralyze you! Fear is only an illusion

In a world 🌎 where were always β€œEXPOSED,” the most therapeutic and stress relieving thing someone can do is to go out into nature 🌲 and live in the moment… Don’t think about the past don’t think about the future, live in the now! Even if it’s only for 10 minutes, it will help! Your brain is the most important part of your life and yet we neglected it!



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