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A video starts and you see yourself. What if your first, unedited thought was “handsome and muscular”? Bear with me. The assessment isn’t fueled with bloated pride, nor was it a notion born of hope. What was seen was not a Hollywood hunk or Mr. Olympia. It was simply an appreciative recognition. And I can […]

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Killed Pleasure- EMDR Journey Notes — Owning It

***TRIGGERS*** I wasn’t going to post this here, but I believe it maybe valuable to understand. I posted it in an online forum for survivors on 1-11-21. Last week I had maybe the most important therapy session ever. I began to talk in depth about a part of my experience I have often mentioned, but […]

Killed Pleasure- EMDR Journey Notes — Owning It

Post Competition Quikie

Owning It

The competition was an amazing experience. Yesterday, the day after I was a heap of happy exhaustion. So much happened so quickly I will need time to reflect on it all.

I had no idea what to expect. My coach, Nick Deacon said I would be coming home with trophies. But I honestly thought he was just pumping up my head too. Turns out the guy knew what he was talking about. I came in 1st in the 4 divisions I competed in:
Debut Bodybuilding
Classic Lightweight
Novice Lightweight
Open Lightweight

Your goals transform when you commit to a project. They may start off as one thing, but then the particulars become the focus and that seed is all but forgotten.

My initial goal was less focused on the competition and more on the other competitors. I wanted to belong. I have always struggled with feeling that sense of…

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This Body — Owning It

This bodyEntwined of graceAnimalIntelligentSinewyPrecisionExposed This bodySolid On frameNoble of purpose Carved in pursuit. This bodyyou taught to hateStands unfurled Defiant to your indignitiesGlowing in now This bodyyou played to snuffBreathes deep This bodyyou stoleHarbors incomfort and council This body is mine To build as I see fit How dare you dare. As witness This body […]

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Look/See — Owning It

Identity vibrates between states, skittling and shaking, hints of vaporous solids anchor the ends. False states are mingled in and overlaid. Aspirations tinged with hope, mislead. Opinion and insight can reveal, but not transmute ownership. I have a collection of facts, pasted and stapled to each other in the form of a man. He’s a […]

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Toddle On — Owning It

Throughout the process I am encountering a number of challenges. Discarded candy wrappers beck and call me from the gutter. Tanning products exist in a matrix of superfluous information. Can workouts ever be productive enough?. But by far the most difficult for me is staying positive. Again I plunged into a negative space while sending […]

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Long Absence

Owning It

I haven’t published in a terribly long time. At first, I thought I would be back shortly, then it stretched from weeks into months. I am officially taking a hiatus from the blog.

As I work through my life, I have discovered I want to present my story with the breath only a longer format offers. I don’t know if I can do it. But I know I need to try. As I do with most of my projects, I fell in deep. To say it has become intense is an understatement.

Writing shares my energies with my other pursuits, a business and social life. I am currently preparing an installation for the Philadelphia Airport and training for my first bodybuilding competition in May of 2019.

Thank you so much for all of the support.

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The Me I Am

Owning It

Off a dirt road behind the city I walked into a vast warehouse. Dark and quite. It’s sole gritty industry is pushing human performance. The athletes who train here squeeze their bodies through barriers most can’t even imagine. The only creature comfort are huge fans slamming the superheated Texan air around.

Did I belong in such a place? At some point that once ever present question has faded. I wasn’t frozen by the obvious disparity between me and them. Was there even much of a difference?

I wasn’t much of an outlier, especially here. It’s a place where journeys are understood and ambitions are respected. Come here with a jumble of goals and they’ll become disentangled and aligned into stairs, steps to the next.

Being shirtless and comfortable with others passing by I see how far I have come. Confidence is a byproduct of security. As I’ve come to…

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The way in

Vague memories are surfacing. They are more notions then narratives, feelings then scenarios. It’s a bit unusual for me, I am hyper visual yet many of the details are just sensations. They’ve been locked away for four decades. The smallest thing seems a major revelation. He said he’d get me a toothbrush. I felt guilty he […]

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My Fitness Mission Statement

I found it valuable to lay out what guides me.

Owning It

I will fight to grow my body, mind and heart.
I will build a physique that celebrates health, fitness and wellbeing.
I will affirm my manhood, my right to it and inclusion in it.
I will value my perspective no matter how unique or common.
I will treat myself and others with kindness, compassion and understanding.

I will strive to live authentically and openly inline with my aspirations. The purest being my desire to build a body that reflects my vast inner strength. I will not longer hide. I will manifest a body that expresses the density of my singularity. I will stand true to my entire being, honor who I’ve been and discovery all that I am capable of. Along the way I hope to be an inspiration. I will encourage others to keep fighting for better, light and peace.

I follow the Precision Nutrition lessons through my coach

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That Line

My body won’t free me until I do something.

Owning It

via Daily Prompt: Swallow

I saw this prompt. I ignored this prompt. I didn’t think about, didn’t check in to see what others wrote. I don’t want it. I told myself I wouldn’t write this. I looked away and pretended I didn’t need to.

But my throat tightened. I wanted to swallow, but was afraid I couldn’t. Clenched tight, a knotty ball lays at the top of my throat. A hard hurt you hope you can ease around, but can’t.

My body won’t give me a pass.

I can not ignore this prompt.

He choked me.

How can I remember it without my throat slamming shut? Why? Four decades of free breath yet here I am. My body won’t free me until I do something. This prompt, is this a way out? My body needs the memory, needs me to do what, fucking cry?


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The Others

Working through, the obvious become blatant and unavoidable.

Owning It

There is another sentence that is now honest and complete: The man who took me to NYC did so for one purpose, to sell me for sex.

He didn’t take me there so I could find a boyfriend and have a love. In my hormone soaked brain, only a sweet boy could mend my wounds and stop the bleeding. My desperation was normal teenage angst jacked on the damage of abuse. He had the fix to fill that gaping hole, NYC.

I went willingly. He baited me with Billy, who never turned up. He showed me cruising areas where I could have a new boyfriend every hour. He even fed me, 3 times in 4 days. Of course I was grateful, it all seemed like an opportunity. I couldn’t see how he was purposefully weaking me.

When he collected me from the rape, he also collected payment. While he stretched…

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Becoming whole

Owning It

Stills-(E)-02In our first lesson, my posing coach commented on my slouched posture, “Don’t hide your body, you’re a bodybuilder”. Those words ricocheted through my psyche. For so long my body spoke of my position in the world, head down, scurrying through, hoping to be left alone.

But that is not who I am.

If I honestly tell the story of my abuse, over and over I am confronted with brave acts on my part. When pressed into extreme situations, I performed wisely and with courage. They were organic responses spontaneously originating from my core.

How did the kid who survived so much grow up to be me? My behavior was in stark contrast to who I became, a jumpy and nervous recluse. It’s ironic that the abuse I escaped from by my wits, strength and bravery later convinced me I was weak.  There is no shame. I’ve come to learn…

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