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Surviving the Specter

Surviving through clinical depression.

What Does Surviving the Specter Look Like?

If you could see me you probably wouldn't be able to tell what surviving means. Unless you had it.  A.k.a. depression. Your Specter may be different. PTSD. Anxiety. Bipolar Dissociative Disorders Borderline Personality Disorder... ...Mental. Illness. (I like to call... Continue Reading →

The Great Ziggurat | [Short Story]

Contextual background: Catharsis of Ur wakes to find himself in a room recovering from the attack of the Wahrlog, Specter. He was rescued by angelic sentries after trying to take his life in order to avoid the attack from Specter. Suggested music... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving You Turkeys

The Good Samaritan

This post officially begins a new category on the right side of my wall - Life. It is an area I want to open up in more to my readers. It's not that exciting, but I'm hoping you enjoy the... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Mountains and World Map

Here is a mountain range I drew for fantasy map practice. You can tell that I was experimenting with different techniques if you look closely at different sections. Still not certain I've decided on a certain style or perfected my... Continue Reading →

Mended | [Poetry]

i built a little wall around a broken little heart I found that'd fallen out upon the ground to save it from the hurt i patched the hurt and kissed the pain i hugged away the guilt and shame i... Continue Reading →

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