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There is something that has become very clear to me, and I'm actually extremely grateful for the acceptance and awareness of this very big issue I face on a daily basis. It's taken a very long time to understand the... Continue Reading →

Dreams of a better days

We arrived home late afternoon yesterday and the drive wasn't quite as bad Hooray for that!Well driving we reflected on our weekend e cried listened to music ,it was hard all in all watching my sister in laws husband battle... Continue Reading →

I’m Getting Her PTSD. Pt. 1 [Poem]

How do you relate to the people in your life with PTSD? This post is part of a series of poems dedicated to my girlfriend. She has PTSD and severe anxiety and you will understand her story with each post. Each... Continue Reading →

You DO Have Strength

Survival seems a lifetime as it is occurs. It exhausts our adrenals as we live in fight or flight modus. At times we cannot pinpoint just when it started, when we suddenly realize we are as far removed from our... Continue Reading →

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