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Building Confidence

Hey, my good friend Casey Sims has joined the party!

Welcome Casey Sims to the Survivors Blog Here Team Everyone met the newest member of the Survivors Blog Here, Casey Sims. I saw a post about Casey out mountain climbing, I had to meet this man, he is special and... Continue Reading →

Do You Want to take Free On-Line Courses from Top Universities?

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES iTunes University offers an extensive selection of free non credit courses from top rated universities. No stress, go at your own pace, courses are complete flexibility. iTunes University also offers hundreds of free Podcast on any subject you can... Continue Reading →

Effects of new therapy 

Since Thursday last week afternoon iv battled after been triggered purposely by my therapist. .a conversation the last four days I can't understand  in my own mind ... I'm pushing and shoving my feelings and thoughts of which iv tried... Continue Reading →

Someone may need this. Pass it on.

I love you, my friend. I wanted to make sure you were safe and doing alright.


The entire day I kept busy walked the dog ,baked and tried a bit of painting. . As  I said before I'm not entirely sure what drives my meds stop but I'm crying I wanna stop it Now I wanna... Continue Reading →

Ending of a Relationship

For survivors of mental illness, they say journaling is a way to help you heal. Here's my effort at catharsis... My girlfriend of nearly three years, and I, just parted ways. We've broken up several times before, and each time... Continue Reading →

Keep holding on

You're not alone Together we stand I'll be by your side You know I'll take your hand When it gets cold And it feels like the end There's no place to go You know I won't give in No, I... Continue Reading →

My Depression Controls Me

Unfortunately, I can empathize with you, my friend. For my depression controls me, too. It is not a passing state of mind, nor a feeling. It is something we survive through every day. Sometimes, on certain days, it's not as... Continue Reading →

Psychologist appointment :'(

Today I met Hannes once again our first real therapy session with my key worker after our meeting last week. ...And guess what I fucking forgot to take my meds this morning, it's vital as I battle to concentrate without.... Continue Reading →

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