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over analysis

if you have a problem that cannot be fixed... meaning there is no solution what so ever, but you then analyse the problem over and over in your head (ruminate), you are in deep trouble of making yourself sick (mentally),... Continue Reading →

Do You Want to take Free On-Line Courses from Top Universities?

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES iTunes University offers an extensive selection of free non credit courses from top rated universities. No stress, go at your own pace, courses are complete flexibility. iTunes University also offers hundreds of free Podcast on any subject you can... Continue Reading →

The Horseman Named Stonewall

On the hinterlands of the dismal grey wasteland of Relationship, at the base of Cold Mountain, loomed a dark grey fortress known as Desolation. Its colossal walls were miles high and meters thick. The top of the wall was a foreboding omen to those who... Continue Reading →

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