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State of mind: Where are we as a Nation? Episode One

Unfortunately the newsletter I received is a month behind, however this is a digital series and maybe missed episode may be available.

What Does Surviving the Specter Look Like?

If you could see me you probably wouldn't be able to tell what surviving means. Unless you had it.  A.k.a. depression. Your Specter may be different. PTSD. Anxiety. Bipolar Dissociative Disorders Borderline Personality Disorder... ...Mental. Illness. (I like to call... Continue Reading →

The Darkest Thing

Laying on the couch. Skeletal arm around me. Sucks my soul away.

Brain Bugs

This morning, as I was drinking a cup of coffee, a day after my 43rd birthday, I felt a convulsive scattering across the roof of my mouth. I choked. And spit. I looked down and saw the bug lying upside... Continue Reading →

Today I Created a Facebook page…

So I took the plunge and published a Facebook page, "Surviving the Specter". I want to reach more people so they know they are not alone in their struggles...that there are others out there going through the same things. My... Continue Reading →

My Depression Controls Me

Unfortunately, I can empathize with you, my friend. For my depression controls me, too. It is not a passing state of mind, nor a feeling. It is something we survive through every day. Sometimes, on certain days, it's not as... Continue Reading →

This Depression Thing

The whole issue with this depression thing - it has sucked all life out of me like some soul harvester. This past year has been one of the most relentless struggles I've had to endure. It gets worse each day I... Continue Reading →

Here’s my fantasy world map so far…

Some time ago I posted about beginning to write short fantasy stories dealing with depression and made a fantasy map of the world I was envisioning. If you've been following along, you've read about the hero, Catharsis and my regular... Continue Reading →

23 Photos that nail what it’s like to have depression

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