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Do You Want to take Free On-Line Courses from Top Universities?

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES iTunes University offers an extensive selection of free non credit courses from top rated universities. No stress, go at your own pace, courses are complete flexibility. iTunes University also offers hundreds of free Podcast on any subject you can... Continue Reading →

Coping with no meds

The long weekend has brought much anxiety we away from home visiting family. ..well driving here 5 hours from auckland city hubby thought best to bring meds subject up and how thoughtless I was not talking to my family before... Continue Reading →

Day 20 of gratitude 😷


fever in the house 😖 slow day, kids was super grateful for my homemade cauliflower soup today and so was I! I’m so grateful that my great grandmother taught me some basic cooking skills when I was a teen 💕 every time I make something I have learned from her o feel so thankful and blessed to have had such a great teacher. Hopefully I can pass it on to my kids 👌🏻

( I will get back to my other regular blog posts again tomorrow, might even do some coffee shares tomorrow too ☺️)
#100daysofgratitude #everydaygratitude

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Day 19 of gratitude 🍁


today I’m grateful for my fireplace! It’s just amazing how cozy the living room is when I lit the fireplace 😍 we are all brewing on a cold, but hopefully it will pass quickly 💕

#100daysofgratitude #everydaygratitude

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Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.10.46 AM

Friday. I’m just back from bringing my son to kindergarten and I’m frozen. 8ºC/46ºF. If that’s summer, I don’t even want to think how it’ll be in winter.
I managed to skip yesterday’s parents-teacher meeting. The man went alone and came back around 8.45pm. He was all smiles and the first thing he said was: “I think I want to marry a German woman… That teacher was efficient!!”. I’m glad he was happy. We know how important it’s when mom is happy but trust me, when the ex is happy, it’s even better.

Everything is ready for tomorrow. I surprised myself back in July when I decided to make the Schultüte for my daughter. You are probably wondering if I was high when I decided to do something 6 weeks ahead. No, I wasn’t. I just remembered last year when I had to do it for my son and I…

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Rosa Parks and the Power of No

Art by Rob Goldstein

Based a public domain photo of Rosa Parks.

In 1900, Montgomery, Alabama passed a city ordinance for the purpose of segregating bus passengers by race

Conductors had the power to assign seats to accomplish that purpose; however, no passengers would be required to move or give up their seat and stand if the bus was crowded and there were no other seats available.

Over time Montgomery bus drivers adopted the practice of requiring black riders to move or stand for whites.

Blacks had the right to stay seated but they had no institutional support for exercising that right.

In the South, when Blacks asserted any of their rights under Federal law, the result was often arrest, beatings or murder.

When he (the driver) saw me still sitting, he asked if I was going to stand up, and I said, ‘No, I’m not.’ And he said, ‘Well, if you don’t stand up, I’m going to have to…

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Day 18 of gratitude 💕


I’m so sorry that all my regular blog posts have gone missing this week 🙈 but I was at campus on Monday and Tuesday and the days just flew!

On Tuesday night I got a substitute teacher job for the next two weeks!!! And I just had to sleep after my first day there yesterday.

Today I had a check up on my arm and it is healing 👍🏻 the bone is not grown completely yet, but I can try to use my arm more and hopefully it will be completely healed next time 😃

I was so tired this morning, grumpy leaving the house, but when we arrived at my kids school we saw this beautiful rainbow 😍 and it lifted my mood completely! So today I’m thankful for rainbows that brings smiles and joy in my heart 💕

#100daysofgratitude #everydaygratitude

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Thursday. School started this morning for everyone except my daughter. I’m awake since 7.20am. I want to go back to bed. Last night I managed to get all the school things ready for my sons but I still have to finish putting names on my daughter’s things. She starts school on Saturday. Because she’ll start the first grade, we must go to church and then to school. It’s a pain in the ass. I understand it’s a special day for the kids who start the first grade but come on! dragging the entire family to church and then to school on a Saturday is too much for me. I’ll try to see if I can make the man go to church alone with her and stay with the others home until is time to go to school. Last year I used the excuse that my youngest son couldn’t stay quiet…

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