Wakings – EMDR Journey Notes — Owning It

I don’t know if I am blocked or chewing on an empty bone. I am inclined to believe the former. I am sitting on every writer’s dream, a good opening sentence. For day’s I have stared at it. I am inspired by it’s potential to tell a fuller story. But I can’t get beyond this […]

Wakings – EMDR Journey Notes — Owning It

The Top Things 2020 Has Taught Us —

2020 has been a year unlike any other. While it has certainly had its downs, there have also been a fair amount of happy moments, memorable moments, and things we have learned and taken away. No matter what situation you are in now, it is important to remember to keep positive, look forward and treat […]

The Top Things 2020 Has Taught Us —

Motivational Monday!


Let’s Begin This Week Off With A Positive Mindset!

Happy Monday y’all! How was your weekend? I hope your weekend was full of relaxation and happiness! Honestly, my weekend was fairly uneventful, and I enjoyed that. I feel sometimes we all need the entire weekend to recuperate from a long and busy week.

With all of the changes that have gone on with the weather, I have been dealing with my typical increased pain. Now, I do deal with this every time there is any changes in the weather, but for some reason Sunday was a lot worse. It is a good thing I didn’t have any plans and didn’t need to leave the house because my legs hurt so bad it was painful to even walk. No matter how high my pain is, I will never sit around and feel sorry for myself because it could always be worse…

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Grieving the End an Unhappy Marriage or Toxic Friendship —

Psychology Today Sarah Epstein MFT No matter how painful the relationship was, we may mourn its end. Sometimes, the people closest to us cause the most pain and lose the right to be part of our lives. In these cases, ending a relationship, be it an unhappy marriage, a one-sided friendship, or a toxic family relationship is the healthiest […]

Grieving the End an Unhappy Marriage or Toxic Friendship —

Buckle Up! — Army of Angels: Part 2

After a much needed week long break from work and school, we are buckling up for the next covid wave! I shared some concerns with my teacher council representative, after unknowingly walking into a school that had almost an entire grade level out, along with all front office staff! The updates that our county said […]

Buckle Up! — Army of Angels: Part 2

Mental Health: Friendship and Dissociative Identity Disorder

Art by Rob Goldstein

This was my post for mental health week.

I think I’m late.

Animated Gif

This post is directed to abuse survivors and their families, but don’t
let that stop you from reading it.

My therapist sent me a copy of 101+ Ways to See DID, by Kathy Brody, a specialist in treating Dissociative Identity Disorder.

101 Ways To See DID by Kathy Broady MSW

These are a few of the symptoms described by Kathy Brody that I experience:

feeling completely blank
the sensation of not having a body
a sense of seeing through the eyes of other people
an inability to recognize myself
Confusion about age
and hyper-vigilance.

I have trouble,

Maintaining relationships
connecting to others
being touched
and physical intimacy

I have numerous perspectives and completely opposing interests.

For every yes, there is a no; for every trigger, a chorus of reactions.

A sense of being alien in a…

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~Let It Go Friday~


~Congratulations! We Made It Through The Week~

This is my ***HUGE HAPPY FRIDAY*** to y’all! My word this week has seemed unbearably long! I think it highly possible the week felt so long for me because of the doctor’s appointment I had yesterday afternoon, which I am going to tell you about it later or over the weekend. Please promise me what whatever you do over the weekend, you will do everything in your power to stay safe!

Are there things that happened during the week that you would happy and exciting? Also, did you have anything that happened you wish didn’t, or that caused you emotional distress? Friday is to let go of any negative emotions that were caused during the week and welcome in happy emotions to enjoy the weekend with. The quote I am sharing with y’all today is intended to bring you joy, uplifting thoughts, and…

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The Monkey Dance of the Narcissist

Art by Rob Goldstein

“It’s not hard to spot the monkey dance. It happens any time you disagree with, confront, ignore or inadvertently shame or confuse a narcissist. Narcissists are hard-wired to monkey dance anytime they’re not sleeping, sucking up or looking for new victims. It’s who they are.

Emails are digital monkey dances. Use filters on your email to ensure that whenever they email you, their email goes directly to a folder where you don’t know about it, you don’t see it, and you’re not tempted to read it. 

Ignoring the Narcissist—How to Spot The Monkey Dance

This post is inspired by laurelwolfelives

It is a response to a comment that she left on my post, Dissociative Identity Disorder and Reality Testing and to another on her post, What Exactly Is A Narcissist?

Laurel wrote: “I understand what you are saying and you haven’t been the first. There are two ways to look at…

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Mental Health: Our Useless Rights

Art by Rob Goldstein

For this post’s purpose, I define a severe mental illness as a chronic medical condition that affects behavior, insight and judgment.

Picture it:

A filthy young man, confused and raging on Market Street, collapses at an intersection and rolls into traffic.

The police arrive.

An officer drags him to the curb and asks him if he has plans to hurt himself or anyone else. The young man shakes his head no.

The officer asks if he knows his way to the local soup kitchen and homeless shelter.

The young man shakes his head, yes.

Because he affirms that he is not an immediate danger to himself or others and claims he knows where to get food and shelter, the officers have no legal basis to mandate treatment.

The police drive off, and the young man rolls back into traffic.

The police cannot stop a sick and confused young man from…

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Measuring Up

Don't Lose Hope

We live in a world full of comparisons.

Does she have a sexier figure than me? Does she look younger, or better for her age? Is she so much smarter? Have a better career? Do people think that she is funnier than me?

I suspect it all begins in the early years of life when we start fighting hard to get our parents’ attention.

But it’s a process that continues for the rest of our life.

And it’s a process that leads to insecurity, as well.

For at any point in time we could cease to measure up – and we could lose the affection of those who matter most.

Like our family, or close friends.

Like our partner, or our spouse.

Yet each of us is different – individual and unique.

And we start to lose ourselves when we make comparisons.

But comparing’s so ingrained, such a feature of…

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~Pick Me Up Thursday~


~It Isn’t Just A Thursday, It Is Friday Eve~

We are finally almost at the end of this extremely long week! How has your week been? I hope your week has been great and you are staying as safe as you possibly can. I am working the morning, well until noon and then going to a doctor’s appointment. Unfortunately, this is one of those appointments I have to go to the office for, but I am always safe! I definitely I wish I could have done it virtually, but some doctor’s are not very cooperative.

With only one day of the week left before the weekend that we are all always looking forward to, we might be needing just a little pick me up! I am truly hoping the quote I am sharing with y’all today will give you the lift you need to get through one more day! I…

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Inspirational Wednesday!


We Are Halfway To The End Of The Week!

Happy Wednesday y’all! How has your week been so far? I am so sorry I did not do my Tranquil Tuesday post yesterday, but I was battling an awful headache the entire day and could not look at the computer, or anything else for that matter. My headaches typically occur when it rains and unfortunately, where I live wants to behave like Seattle, Washington and rain a lot! You would almost think my body would be used to the rain by now, but it definitely isn’t!

As we are finally to the middle of the week and the weekend is getting closer, we all probably need a little inspiration to get through a few days! Not only am I going to share a quote with y’all that I found inspirational, but I am also going to share a piece of great…

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Motivational Monday


Our New Week Is A New Start For More Success!

Happy Monday y’all! How was your weekend? Honestly, I had a lot of ideas of what I wanted to do over the weekend. Unfortunately, because of a nasty rainy weekend I did not feel well enough to do any of it. Rain makes me feel all my pain more and causes an extreme amount of fatigue. I do hope your weekend was spent better than mine and you are felt well all weekend.

Are you ready to begin another week? It isn’t ever easy to say goodbye to the weekend and begin another week that should be full of opportunities! Each week offers us opportunities for even more chances of success! I am wishing for y’all to have a nice and safe week! I am hoping the quote I am sharing with y’all today offers you the motivation you need…

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What is passive-aggressive behaviour — Guest Blogger Mental health 360°

How to identify passive-aggressive behaviour Passive-aggressive behavior might be a feature of some mental health disorders, but it isn’t considered a recognisable mental health condition. However, passive-aggressive behavior can interfere with your relationships and create difficulties at work, for both you and those around you. Have you ever come across or been the recipient of […]

What is passive-aggressive behaviour — Mental health 360°

Fun Fall During the Pandemic — Army of Angels: Part 2

After being so very careful for seven months, the AoA kids and I packed our bags and headed to the hills of Tennessee for a couple days. We spent one day at Dollywood, where masks were required and capacity was limited. We ordered curbside food for dinner, and brought our own food and snacks. Other […]

Fun Fall During the Pandemic — Army of Angels: Part 2

Let It Go Friday!


We Finally Made It! Happy Friday Y’all!

Now that the week is finally over, how was your week? I hope you had a lovely week and you remained safe! This week seemed unusually long and I am not 100% as to why. I guess it could be due to the fact I have not been feeling my best and not sleeping all that well, but at least the weekend is finally here! Do you have any plans for the weekend? Normally, I do a grocery delivery for Saturday morning, but I decided I didn’t want to have to get up at any certain time. I have scheduled my grocery delivery for tonight right after work!

Now that the weekend is here, we all know how incredibly short it is. We deserve to have a nice and relaxing weekend, without any of the stress or negative emotions the week might have…

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Pick Me Up Thursday!


Happy Friday Eve Y’all!

I have some very good news for y’all! It is almost the weekend! How has your week been so far though? I do hope your week has been wonderful and your are of course, staying safe! I know none of you will be surprised, but I do not really have any plans for the upcoming weekend and as boring as it might sound, it is the kind of weekend I look forward to. I do not have to get up early or work 8 extremely long hours. I plan to catch up on my favorite show, General Hospital and maybe even watch a movie I have been wanting to watch for months now, Bad Boys For Life!

As this week is coming to an end and we only have one more day to get through, I think we could all benefit from a pick me up!…

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#WordlessWednesday: Trump’s Dystopia

Art by Rob Goldstein

Photographs of San Francisco during the #Covid-19 Pandemic CVS pharmacy boarded up on Haight and Fillmore, June 26, 2020

A tent on 17th Street, Sept 2020- A tent on 17th Street, September 2020-

Photographs of San Francisco during the #Covid-19 Pandemic Fillmore Street, October 2020

Photographs of San Francisco during the #Covid-19 Pandemic A row of tents on 16th Street, September 2020

Photographs of San Francisco during the #Covid-19 Pandemic The San Francisco Civic Center and City Hall, September 23rd, 2020

A photograph of stickers on Valencia Street Stickers on Valencia Street October 2020

Photographs of San Francisco during the #Covid-19 Pandemic A drawing of George Floyd on a shuttered business on 7th Street

Photographs of San Francisco during the #Covid-19 Pandemic Tents at 16th and Dolores Streets, August 2020

Photographs of San Francisco during the #Covid-19 Pandemic Dolores Street, October 2020

Photographs of San Francisco during the #Covid-19 Pandemic A drawing of Icarus on the plywood on the windows of a closed business in Hayes Valley August 4, 2020

A drawing on plywood on Market Street A drawing on plywood on Market Street

Tents on Dolores Street, Sept 2020 Tents on Dolores Street, Sept 2020

Tents on Dolores Street, August 23 2020 Tents on Dolores Street, August 23, 2020

Photographs of San Francisco during the #Covid-19 Pandemic History lessons on a garage on 18th Street August 4, 2020

A photograph of a sign that reads frab them by the ballot box A photograph of a sign on Fillmore Street October 6, 2020

Photographs of San Francisco during the #Covid-19 Pandemic Geary Street at Powell September 23rd

Photographs of San Francisco during the #Covid-19 Pandemic ‘Have Hope’ – The Bus Shelter on Fillmore at Haight

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Inspirational Wednesday!


Our Goal Should Be To Inspire Others Daily!

Happy Wednesday y’all! Can you believe it, we are finally halfway through the week? I still can’t believe it is already October and the new year will be here before you know it! I would really love to hear from you and know how your week has been so far! I say this because I am always interested in how things are going for you, I mean I already know how my week has been and knowing about yours will make mine better!

As we are getting so much closer to the weekend and we only have a couple days left, I believe an inspiration quote might help us a little! i have a slew of quotes that I love, but the one I am sharing today is a little new to me and I hope you will not only enjoy it…

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Anticipation – EMDR Journey Notes — Owning It

I believe tomorrow I will finish providing my history. I am calm, filled with anticipation, but for what? Whenever I tell my story I am soothed with blankets of confirmation. I have never been able to wear them as skins, but it is comforting for a breif moment to be warmed in understanding. My life […]

Anticipation – EMDR Journey Notes — Owning It

Tranquil Tuesday!


Happy Tuesday y’all! I hope you are having a lovely and safe week! Normally for Tranquil Tuesday, I share a quote to offer y’all good and calming thoughts, which I am still going to do. However, today with all the chaos and unrest that is going on throughout the world, I wanted to share some beneficial tips and ideas so you can have some additional tranquility and peace for yourself and those you would like to share this information with. My hope is these very simple tips will be useful, helpful, and calming for days ahead of us all.

1.Don’t be overly concerned with your self-image

All of us have an idea of how we appear to others, but we are normally wrong about what others think. It isn’t worth worrying about what others may think of us because we are who we are and always try the best we…

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A Few Things I’ve Learned From Trauma

Don't Lose Hope

This is the big, scary truth about trauma: there is no such thing as “getting over it.” The five stages of grief model marks universal stages in learning to accept loss, but the reality is in fact much bigger: a major life disruption leaves a new normal in its wake. There is no “back to the old me.” You are different now, full stop.” – Catherine Woodiwiss

Here are a few things I’ve learned about trauma:

1. Trauma upends everything. It undermines your whole reality. Everything is open to question now.

2. Life doesn’t go back to the way it was before – and neither do you.

3. Trauma is disfiguring. At least for a while, it turns you into someone you do not recognize. You lose your spark and sparkle. You withdraw from life. You experience the symptoms of PTSD. You feel you’re going crazy. That you’re losing your…

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Motivational Monday!


All We Are Able To Do Is, Never Give Up!

Happy Monday y’all! It is never easy to begin another LONG week, but I do believe we all have the strength to do so! How was your weekend? I do hope you had a lovely and safe weekend. Are you ready to begin this new week off with nothing but positivity? I hope you are because each new week offers us another chance to make it be an amazing week full of opportunities!

My weekend was pretty uneventful, which was great because I was not feeling all that great. On Saturday, I started having a sore throat, which is very common for me because I end up dealing with this every time there is a change in seasons. Considering this was nothing new, I was not at all concerned, and believe me because of COVID, I would have been. On…

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