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Mended | [Poetry]

i built a little wall around a broken little heart I found that'd fallen out upon the ground to save it from the hurt i patched the hurt and kissed the pain i hugged away the guilt and shame i... Continue Reading →

The Darkest Thing

Laying on the couch. Skeletal arm around me. Sucks my soul away.

Toxicity | [Poetry]

Toxicity My soul has left and with it, The Albums and the Tags. The memories put in boxes, And thrown out in the trash. Windows boarded, curtains down, paint chips fall onto the ground. A weathered waste, at the end... Continue Reading →

From the Archives -View-

Art by Rob Goldstein

Art by Rob Goldstein From the 1985 Pride Day Guidebook

“View” was first published in the 1985 Pride Day Guidebook.

I found the old guidebook in the bottom of a large pine
trunk a few years ago.

The poem is since revised and renamed Ascent!

The page layout designed by Ramírez de Baca

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I Want to See What You See | Poetry

Camera lens of happiness, to take away the grey Cuz sunshine's there, I see it, it's just a million miles away. Camera lens of hopefulness, to take away despair The never ending fog of war, the loss of will to... Continue Reading →

Depression | [POETRY]

|  depression Driven to the hinterlands driven to the gray by the chemical reaction of the chemicals I take to balance the effects of the chemicals I make

Sometimes | [POETRY]

Just a quick poem that came to mind tonight. To my friends who will call because they're worried, I am fine. I promise. Mom, Chelise, Mistaken...I really am. ...Just a little bout with Specter. But he ain't gonna win.  I... Continue Reading →

Specter | [POETRY]

This is a repost of a four part poem I wrote on Specter, the personification of my depression. With it I hope that others suffering from the torment of depression and thoughts of suicide know they are not alone. Remember... Continue Reading →

I Thought of You | [POETRY]

With this month being Suicide Prevention/Awareness Month, I am reblogging my posts and poetry that deal specifically with suicide, as well as those things that often result in suicide such as (but NOT limited to) depression, bullying, etc. This is... Continue Reading →

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