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Recently I heard someone on TV say:  "you can't really call someone a 'racist' when they are being negative towards Muslims...because Muslim is a religion, not a race." This really hit me and made me think... Apparently it's called 'islam-a-phobia'... Continue Reading →

In the South of my Childhood

Art by Rob Goldstein

In the South of my Childhood

I think that what differentiates CPTSD from PTSD is that CPTSD involves multiple defensive adaptations to multiple traumas that are sustained over a long period.
My Dissociative disorder is related to an environment of abuse created by my Mother.
My panic disorder is related to an environment of abuse created by my community.
Emotional development can not happen when the brain thinks the survival of the body is at stake.
As I begin to remember my childhood, I find that I have panic attacks that make it almost impossible for me to move. As I type I feel my heart race, my skin crawls–there is a pain in my chest, as if I am crushed.
The details of the memory are out of reach yet they are as vivid as if I am living it.
I feel as if I’m dying but I don’t know why.
The South of my…

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Transracial Adoption: When the Adorable Babies Become Teens

When we first adopted our son as a newborn, complete strangers would come up to us to say he was the cutest baby they had ever seen. Many also choose, without asking permission, to ruffle and feel his hair. This... Continue Reading →

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