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Doing the Best I Can.

“You did the best you could with what you had at the given time. That’s all any of us can do.” Queensryche - Best I Can [Lyrics] Don't worry, dear he'll never find the gun A child alone in... Continue Reading →

The Hardest Thing…

My girlfriend and I of three years broke up a couple weeks ago. And it's been the hardest thing to do to remain steadfast. I didn't want to part ways but I did because I couldn't endure her anxiety that came... Continue Reading →

Toxicity | [Poetry]

Toxicity My soul has left and with it, The Albums and the Tags. The memories put in boxes, And thrown out in the trash. Windows boarded, curtains down, paint chips fall onto the ground. A weathered waste, at the end... Continue Reading →

Someone may need this. Pass it on.

I love you, my friend. I wanted to make sure you were safe and doing alright.

Ending of a Relationship

For survivors of mental illness, they say journaling is a way to help you heal. Here's my effort at catharsis... My girlfriend of nearly three years, and I, just parted ways. We've broken up several times before, and each time... Continue Reading →

Writing a Wrong

A couple months ago I published a blog post called “Brok3n & Betray3d”. It was about how my girlfriend told me she cheated on me and how that affected my emotional state over the next few days. It is not... Continue Reading →

Sometimes | [POETRY]

Just a quick poem that came to mind tonight. To my friends who will call because they're worried, I am fine. I promise. Mom, Chelise, Mistaken...I really am. ...Just a little bout with Specter. But he ain't gonna win.  I... Continue Reading →

The Horseman Named Stonewall

On the hinterlands of the dismal grey wasteland of Relationship, at the base of Cold Mountain, loomed a dark grey fortress known as Desolation. Its colossal walls were miles high and meters thick. The top of the wall was a foreboding omen to those who... Continue Reading →

What is Stonewalling?

Danger! Obstruction! If you've been reading this blog for a length of time, you've certainly read the posts dedicated to my girlfriend and her PTSD. I have a problem in our relationship which I haven't talked about. It's a problem... Continue Reading →

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