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two excellent films

A woman under the influence (1974) In a Year with 13 Moons (1978)

Its Breaking me down

I can barely understand my own thoughts yet alone try staying on track "does anyone hear me"As i Write and try articulate my issues wish i could say anxiety has abated ,but it's like life's trying to tear my walls... Continue Reading →

Specter | [POETRY]

This is a repost of a four part poem I wrote on Specter, the personification of my depression. With it I hope that others suffering from the torment of depression and thoughts of suicide know they are not alone. Remember... Continue Reading →

Who is Specter?

In lieu of September being Suicide Prevention/Awareness Month, I am reposting some of my older posts that deal with my depression, my suicide attempt, and verses/quotations of hope and strength. Please feel free to pass these on to others who... Continue Reading →

Robin Williams on Depression | [QUOTES]

I've noticed this post gets hits everyday so I thought it'd be worthwhile to repost it. X Chris "I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it's like to feel absolutely... Continue Reading →

I Thought of You | [POETRY]

With this month being Suicide Prevention/Awareness Month, I am reblogging my posts and poetry that deal specifically with suicide, as well as those things that often result in suicide such as (but NOT limited to) depression, bullying, etc. This is... Continue Reading →

Jar of Emptiness | [POETRY]

Someone was preparing to end their life.  You prevented them from doing that without even knowing it... Please pass this on to someone who is struggling with thoughts of suicide this September - Suicide Prevention/Awareness month. I held a jar of... Continue Reading →

September is Suicide Prevention/Awareness Month

TRIGGER WARNING: This post discusses my suicide attempt. Please, my friend, do not read it if this is a trigger. This month is Suicide Prevention/Awareness month. And next week marks the one year anniversary of my hanging. So I want... Continue Reading →

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