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In western culture we are told we are to have self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief, self-value, self-control, self-interest. The list goes on and on... ...but also to have a good sense of self in order to be happy and fulfilled. Since I'm... Continue Reading →

…the sickness of self…

Its Breaking me down

I can barely understand my own thoughts yet alone try staying on track "does anyone hear me"As i Write and try articulate my issues wish i could say anxiety has abated ,but it's like life's trying to tear my walls... Continue Reading →


I watch a lot of stuff on DVD/blu-ray, including a lot of documentaries. one TV program I have watched a lot of over the years is: Hard Time. in one episode one of the inmates said: "you are either a... Continue Reading →

The Dream Shall Prevail

Art by Rob Goldstein

The Dream Shall Prevail

Martin Luther King – I Have A Dream

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What Makes a Memory, and Why

Dear Readers of Survival, I have neglected this site, as well as my own as of late. The past years dedication to WP had seriously eaten in to my obligations as a homemaker and Mom. I have decided to slow... Continue Reading →

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