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A Little About Me

Having taken an extended break from blogging, I decided to return in February 2022 and  wanted to take a different tack in my writing.  Rather than simply concentrating on my very traumatic past, I’m now writing more about the present. I may touch on the past occasionally, but that will not be my sole purpose here.  I now write a selection of non-fiction poetry (mostly), a little fiction, true-life stories and observations, and writing to explore my feelings. I am passionate about my writing; everything I produce comes from my heart and soul, so I do hope you enjoy my work.

I’m also a cat lover 😻 and have an adorable, three-year-old tortoiseshell furry friend named Peanut. She’s such good company for me. I also share my life and home in England with Alfie, my electric powerchair. He gives me independence and is essential to my life, being both my legs and wheels.  He travels at a fair speed (8 mph / 13 km/h), so I can often be seen bombing down the footpaths and cycleways.  Alfie’s buddy, Brian, my stairlift, is annoyingly slow; is a bit like a sloth! I would so like a fast-forward button on him! Patience is a virtue, they say.

Finally, thank you for stopping by to read my blog – I hope you’ll stay awhile, come back and visit often. It’s always nice to make new blogging buddies, so pull up a chair, relax and know that you’re always very welcome here … Much love, Ellie x 😊💞🤗

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