Put on the full armor of God….Ephesians 6:11

Army of Angels (AoA),

Army of Angels emerged in October of 2013, 10 months after I escaped from my husband abuser. He filed for divorce and threatened to take our young children if I didn’t agree to drop charges. I spent a full year in weekly counseling at the local Domestic Violence Center, where I regained the strength needed to emerge from the darkness. Not only was there darkness, but also the fire of a hot legal mess….ending in court, with a judge deciding the fate of our young children.

During the first few months of separation from my abuser, I found myself needing a lot of support. I had left the marital home with two bags of clothes for school and work. I could not recall a time in my life when I felt so vulnerable. There were many people who came forward to offer support to me and the children during this time. These compassionate souls have become my “Army of Angels”. I had spent my life as a giver and fixer…now…reduced to an empty shell, I have had to peel back the layers of pain to expose what lies beneath – fear. I had a choice; remain in a silent state of fear, or break the silence and prepare for battle!