I am a Survivor. My grandparents love and years of Therapy pulled me from the abyss. I have clear heart, no anger or self loathing. Not forgiving, forgetting to move forward. So many Angles touched my life, I can’t thank you enough.

 My mother and stepfather physically and emotionally abused me until I left home at 12 years old. From there I moved to my father’s, who sexually abused me as a child. It’s impossible to wrap your head around sexual abuse at any age. I moved from one frying pan to another. 

My father committed suicide in 1992. Estranged for years, we talked several times before his death. He would call saying someone was tapping his phone. He talked about suicide, I told no one. You can’t reason with a delusional mind.

When the Black Dog pulls me under, there’s one way out, ECT Treatments. I’ve had 20 treatments with minimal memory loss. Keep an open mind. Educate yourself on the ECT procedure and ask questions until you feel comfortable. It’s better than suicide.

I’m alive with strength from God, my husband, Therapist and Psychiatrist. I’m blessed with a husband who won’t give up no matter how hard it gets. It takes a village.

My background and mental illness is NOT a complete picture of who I am. Photography, Art and Music are passions. I love vintage cars, riding motorcycles and the great outdoors. As a teenager, I set a goal to see the world. My Bucket List continues to grow.

A student in Ancient History, Roman Architecture, World Religions and the Arts. I’m an animal lover. I’m sickened by animals abused and killed testing dog food or facial cream. I’m concerned about extinction, global poverty and the planet. Above all Education, children are our future.  

Pull up a chair and relax, you will find post on many subjects. I hope to see you again soon. Hearing your feedback is important to me. Leave me comment and let’s talk.

Melinda       http://www.lookingforthelightblog.wordpress.com

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