Life with an Illness

Hello! My name is Mackenzie! I was diagnosed with autoimmune diseases Lupus, Celiacs disesase, Fibromyalgia, EDS and also POTS. I also battle with anxiety and depression. My blog life with an illness is about my journey with chronic illnesses and I hope they will reassure you, that you’re not alone. I try to spread positivity and love along the way. I strive to help others who are going through illnesses and raise awareness about chronic illnesses. Thank you for reading my posts and I appreciate the support! Lets make a difference together!

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*DISCLAIMER* please consult a Dr. about any important health issues. I’m not here to treat or diagnose. I am here to offer tips and hopefully give advice that can help you cope.


One thought on “Life with an Illness

  1. Welcome! We are going to have some fun as well. We want everyone to see the whole person not just our illness. I know you have an active very chance you can. That is the journey we want to show, I struggle yet I move forward no matter how slowly. M


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