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I’ll Ride My Pony, Today is My Birthday


I planned a nice gallery of photos from different times in life. Planned but it is not happening. In this photo I’m smiling ear to ear galloping around the kitchen on my second birthday. My grandparents bought the pony I dreamed of.

I’m overjoyed to have my WordPress friends here, let’s share the day with hugs, best wishes and lots of chocolate and vanilla cake. Sorry Vegans, I can offer a cold bottle of water.

The video reminds me we are all miracles and can do anything we apply ourself to. It’s touching around the World people can relate.


7 - Version 3 Second Birthday

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Keeping My Brother

Has Anyone Undergone Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy?

Ode to Seuss


Male Child Sexual Abuse and Homosexual Confusion

Drop me a line…let me know if you found value in the video. If not be honest with me, tell how off base I am. I’m learning and your input is part of learning. M


Blogging started as a coping mechanism to grieve my Granny. Spending years writing about how my grandparents unconditional love saved me from myself. Before long my post centered more around my traumatic background, it was seamless not a conscious decision. I have learned everyone’s trauma is different, even when they appear the same.

I knew nothing of men’s sexual abuse. Five years ago I met several male friends who were sexually assaulted as children and adults. None of my traumatic experiences prepared me for how different boy’s and men process sexual assault.

To all the Men Survivors of Sexual Assault, please know you are loved and supported by those without understanding the pain and trauma inside. You are loved for who you are.

I found this video on YouTube by Mark Sanford. I don’t know him and not endorsing in any way. I am acknowledging his trauma, the pain and deep…

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Harlon, this post will feel many with Pride and leave a big smile of their face. You have that about you, I leave you post always smiling.

A Patient Voice

Have fun with your life

don’t let anyone undo that.

Make Bob Mackie gowns out of towels

or wear a necklace of pearls

and smile and laugh as you do it.

There is more to this world than just boys and just girls,

it’s time that we all embrace that.

Be good to yourself

and to everyone else.

Feel good about yourself

and everyone else

and if you feel you can’t do it

ask for support if you need help

because everyone has the right to be themself.

We all deserve respect

and we all have room for compassion,

and at the end of the day

remember to be grateful for all that happens.

If we all took pride in ourselves and everyone else

this world could be wonderful,

true and not false.

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The Americas

Speaking the truth of the times. M

Art by Rob Goldstein

Carlos Santana – Maria, Maria
Community Audio
The Internet Archives



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