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Howard school staff, mental health experts weigh in on suicide depiction in Netflix series

A must read for anyone with kids. M

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Andrew Michaels Contact Reporter Howard County Times

The Netflix hit series “13 Reasons Why” has the Howard County school system, and schools in neighboring counties, warning parents about the show’s graphic depictions of teen suicide, rape and bullying. At the same time, many are saying the show opens a doorway into conversations on suicide and other “uncomfortable” topics.

The streaming service’s show caught viewer attention nationwide after its debut in March. The show follows the story of high school student Hannah Baker, who commits suicide and leaves behind 13 cassette tape recordings for her peers, who she said contributed to her decision to end her life.

Based on a 2007 novel with the same title, the graphic depictions in the 13-episode show – rated TV-MA for mature audiences only – raised concerns among mental health experts, educators, parents and youth. Efforts against the show include that of Oxford…

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Training To *LGBT Aging Resources*

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Minneapolis ranks 4th among U.S. cities in percentage of gay, lesbian and bisexual residents. Approximately 12.5% of Minneapolis identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Transgender was not a category in analysis. (UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law & Public Policy)

There are an estimated 48,000 LGBT older adults living in Minnesota. Many LGBT older adults do not have the same support networks that are available to heterosexual peers. LGBT older adults are five times less likely to access senior services than heterosexual peers. By not accessing these services, LGB&T older adults are more susceptible to experiencing increased isolation, depression, substance abuse, and institutionalization.   M

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I Salute Men & Women fighting in Combat & War on Homefront- Today & Yesterday for American Freedom

Enjoy the long weekend.

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Home of the Free

Sending prayers to family and friends for their loss of loved ones serving the Military.Daily I’m reminded of the sacrifices made to defend the freedoms we enjoy today in America. I pray every soldier comes home soon.

Gramps, I’ll never forget the sacrifices you made to win WWII. I love you.

Xx M


Protecting our ports after Pearl Harbor.

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Flickr Wednesday: Sonia Adam Murray

Art by Rob Goldstein

Sonia Adam Murray writes:

I am an abstract artist and much of my photography is abstract. I also enjoy playing with real photography. I love to photograph shadows, light, people, water, sunsets, flowers and life around me. Art should address life today and I am very involved in creating art that looks for ways to make a better world, I feel that we artists have a duty to address our current world situation and identify behaviors that we see as wrong or that needs to be changed. It is also important to address the beautiful and good things in life. I may see things differently to others and that is what makes art so interesting. I am open to critique and any helpful advice.


An Eerie Halloween Night


Stop the Bleeding Start the Healing


Come Together USA


Come On USA Let’s Use Our Hearts & Minds

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After the Lovin’- Five things a Narcissist will do after a Breakup

Art by Rob Goldstein

Portrait of My MotherPortrait of My Mother

There is self-esteem and grandiose narcissism.

There is the sense that you can carry out your goals and grandiose narcissism.

My Mother was brutally narcissistic.

In her mind, I was an object, a toy used to control and dominate my father; a thing she used to secure and please new boyfriends.

A thing.

My Mother’s control over my intellectual and emotional life was so complete that when she cried, I cried.

I cried even when I didn’t know why she was crying.

Today’s therapy session focused on the fact that I still “discover” that someone I care about and admire is a pathological narcissist.

I repeatedly “discover”  that the breach of boundaries, the use of my resources without consideration, the inflated claims of competence and the derision for anyone who dares to contradict outright lies are signs that I’m in another cycle of repetition.

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Triple Shot Thursday*From Reguest Line*

Enjoy and have a great weekend. M

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Today’s awesome tunes requested by good friend Charly Priest. He may have a rough exterior at times, he’s made of sugar. Leave request in my comments box for next weeks entertainment.  Get ready for a musical treat. 🙂 M

3 tunes that I like in different times during the day

1 – in the morning


3- late

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