Easy Halloween Wreath Suitable for Chronically Ill People

I decided to get into the holiday fun with this adorable wreath! Having several chronic illnesses and POTS, I always have extreme fatigue and my hands become numb after a while. There are a lot of things I am not able to complete but I decided to get involved in the Halloween spirit and make a craft! Remember even though life can be hard, and you’re hurting it’s important to still have fun, and do things to get your mind off of things. I loved this craft and it makes you feel good to accomplish it! Anyone can do it however, for those with a chronic illness and get tired easily this is perfect for you! It was inexpensive, I did it on my couch, and it only took an hour! It didn’t overly tire me out and didn’t make my hands go very numb. I did take several breaks, so the break option is completely up to you! It is an easy project to have a lot of stopping points, therefore, it allows you to take breaks whenever. I bought all of the products at Hobby Lobby, they have a large and fun supply of Halloween options! Lets get started!

Supplies needed

12 Inch round Styrofoam Wreath

Black 6″ Glitter Tulle

Orange 6″ Glitter Tulle


A Little Halloween Sign to go on your Wreath (optional)

Hot Glue Gun * Only if you decide to put a sign on it (Optional)


  • I find it easier to cut a lot of strips first, cut an arm length strip. Fold the strip in half and put the folded tulle under the wreath.

  • Grab both ends, so the tulle is wrapped around the Styrofoam. Grabbed the two ends and pull through the loop, and pull tightly.

  • Make sure the knot is on the outside portion of wreath. The loose end of the tulle needs to stick straight out to provide the tutu wreath look. Where the knot is, make sure you fan out some of the tulle to cover up the white wreath.
  • Repeat steps 1. and 2 until you fully cover the wreath. Fluff out tulle. * NOTE* If there are some tulle that is longer than others you can always trim the longer piece.

  • Optional* If you want to put a sign on it, hot glue were you want the sign and stick it on there. Make sure it is very secure on there.

That’s it! Super simple and also very cute! It’s not super tiring and it gives you something to be proud of! Leave me a comment if you’ve done any Halloween crafts or tell me what your favorite Halloween activity is! I can’t wait to hear from you! Good luck and Enjoy!

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