complaining = victimhood

All spiritual teachers say that complaining will reinforce your feelings of victimhood. 

I’m in the middle of my second major victimization, and I’ve been complaining for the last 3 and a half years.

Complaining feels good, but has a heavy consequence. The complaining actually makes the feeling of victimization stronger.

If you are being attacked, you need to go to the proper officials to get help…..

….but if you get the help you need but continue to complain, you are only going to make yourself sick, but also potentially loose your friends, that you are complaining to.

This has taken me a total of seven years to learn this valuable lesson.

Every time I would complain about ‘the issue’, my emotions would get more stronger. Every time I complain, I reinforce my past pain and victimization.

Complaining is highly addictive, so be careful.

Now I no longer systematically complain about my problem….. I’ve finally worked out it doesn’t help, but quite the opposite.