ugly world

​Recently, I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to one of my favorite web sites that provides me with  free  music in the form of ‘podcasts’ all year round 💜

I logged in, and wrote a comment of thanks. Then I started reading the other comments….

There was page after page of hateful, ugly comments!

I can say that, in the past, I suffered from resentment, but have never really been a ‘hater’ in the sense of the term we use today.

Just because we now have the internet, the haters now have an anonymous way of spewing ugly hate onto the world.

This to me, has nothing to do with ‘free speach’ as it doesn’t really have anything to offer to the reader, other than ugly language. IMO.

I remember a poster years ago that said: ‘no haters here’. LOL. The poster was hating the haters. LOL. Quite funny and contradictory.

I also know that we all have to put up with it, and live with it i.e. the president of the United State’s Twitter ing. But I still find it difficult to accept.

Particularly when the website I’m referring to offers all of its services for free!

I Remember That Day

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” ― G.K. Chesterton


In flames and rivers of blood they lay,

With weary eyes, they saw their fate.

As the chaos of war reached for their souls,

Courage bid them rise and fight that day.

When the battle raged and wounded fell,

Death threw open the burning gates of Hell,

And good men carried the Brave away.

Remember Our Veterans

Wall of Masks

“Words dazzle and deceive because they are mimed by the face.
But black words on a white page are the soul laid bare.” ― Guy de Maupassant
Based on original image from Associated Press 2011
Wall of Masks
The words fell naked from her face,
So proud to run a single race,
Alone each mile at her own pace.
A smile and eyes glistened red in light,
Each mask she wore slipped on skin tight,
And all their hues and colors were right.
They played all summer in heat and sun,
And all the friends were there for fun,
But for her the task was to pick which one,
To fall as prey to her sick game.
All rued the day they learned her name.
They came for joy, she gave them blame,
They drank those words to slack their thirst,
They drank until their minds near burst,
The lacy toxins only made it worse.
In their heart the seeds of hate,
Grew like weeds in the lake,
And when they knew, it was too late,
To erase the words their hearts now felt.
Words fell on backs like leather belts,
until bowed and on their knees they knelt.
She stood victorious all alone,
The sun set, there was no one.
She cries out loud but no one comes.
She taunts her masks with naked face,
And screams the words that set her pace,
To run for life in a single race,
Alone with all her masks of hate.