March of the Cybrids-Ch 11

“The new world is as yet behind the veil of destiny in my eyes; however, its dawn has been unveiled” ― Muhammad Iqbal


New Dawn

He sat at the table in the restaurant where he first met Gloria. Memories of her playful sultriness crept in his mind. Peter thought about how she played her part as his waitress and later moaned under the weight of his passion. He missed her clutching his back and locking herself to him with her legs as he lost himself in her embrace.  Peter wondered how duty and devotion came to mean so much that she would throw her life away. Continue reading “March of the Cybrids-Ch 11”

Selfless | [POETRY]

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image of hands holding hands


He took a little piece of him,

and placed it in my hand

I was hurting, sad, and broken,

and I couldn’t understand

Why he gave so selflessly,

and cared to share a part

Of him so free and graciously,

a portion of his heart