The Footprints of Trauma

Don't Lose Hope

When you’re processing a trauma, and are in a state of shock, you experience emotions you’ve never felt before. Also, you sometimes act in ways that you almost can’t believe. You are in a scary place where you hardly know yourself.

The following information might help you see and grasp what is actually quite normal when you’re in a state of crisis.

Important facts to be aware of include:

  1. To be violated or betrayed by a person you trust and depend on has much more serious consequences than being harmed by a stranger, or experiencing an impersonal trauma like an earthquake.
  2. Memories of traumatic events are like shards of shattered glass. Our memories of the trauma itself come in pieces, turn up in unexpected places, and pierce and cut us at unexpected times. Our reactions to these triggers are generally intense and overwhelming. In this way, traumatic memories are very…

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Post Partum Depression III; Stay with me Breath

Adi's Wings

People would always say, “I would never let anyone treat me like that.” They don’t realize abuse is not always just physical or outright verbal. Some abuse is more insidious and starts out slow, with continuous small indiscretions, until they program you to accept their bad behaviors. It’s punishing you with emotional distance, and making you feel unworthy, it’s slowly ignoring your wants and needs, making you feel unloved or unimportant. It’s a progressive manipulation, where you ultimately find yourself, wondering how you even got in that position.

When I started to write down what I would talk about in this post sometime last year. The facts and trauma that came up from the memories, are what pushed me, to find my faith again and get therapy for myself and my kids. This post helped me see how much help we really needed.

My youngest daughter Lydia was 5 years…

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How To Kowtow to Your Kid

A friend stared at Hubby, stunned, as our son walked away. “That was unbelievable!”

How did you get your kid to be so polite?

Hubby, calm as ever, said, “I don’t give him a choice.”

We used to refer to our children as “the hyenas.” Little Wild Things having no grasp of manners, respect or, for that matter, reality. Neglect, abuse and terror combined to create the perfect hurricane of hatred and anger, expressed in the only communication device they knew: horrific behavior.

Now, though, in any group of children, ours are almost always the most polite-toward-parents with invariable reliability.

Acquaintances often ask our secret.

These people tend to be friends we’ve made in the last couple of years. They weren’t around for HellonEarth.

Our boy still deals with PTSD and ADHD issues, so I’m not claiming perfection. He tends to have an issue or two with impulse, most times…

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Featured Blogger this week: Rob from “Art by Rob Goldstein”



Hello everyone,

I feel that this edition of “Featured Blogger” is somewhat special because we are meeting Rob from “Art by Rob Goldstein” who is raising awareness of mental illnesses, a plight that a lot are faced with that most of us may be unfamiliar with, at least for now. Rob is teaching us by bringing together his art and poetry and I am really happy to share his Q&As with you.

LaChouett: Your art is very personal and I want to first of all thank you for sharing your journey through illness with us in such an intimate manner. Although it may be obvious to most, I would like to ask why you chose to share this journey?

Rob: According to the Kim Foundation roughly 57.7 million people have a diagnosable mental illness. If half that number are homeless then our nation has condemned 25 million of its citizens…

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Is there life offline?

In case you haven’t smirked today…

Sunflower Solace Farm

So what, you may ask, can one DO when there is no internet to absorb, delight, educate, aggravate and titillate? If you are a geeky person like me, you read. Yes, those book things that we house in places called libraries and line up in bookstores filled with the intoxicating aroma of, well, probably glue, formaldehyde and some other chemical constituents I’m ignorant of, but that draws me in every single time.  As an aside, do you think that Kindle, Nook and such will ever create downloadable books that actually smell like a book? Since I have internet at work, but they frown on me actually not working when I am there, I would surreptitiously take my Kindle to work and download books as the Kindle sat placidly in my briefcase slurping up the guest data connection.  I also read real, concrete, books in hand.  You are all fascinated at…

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It’s Raining Frogs

Sunflower Solace Farm

Plop.” The sound came soft and clear from somewhere in the fading dusk. I looked around for what it might be and there, unmoving in the dark, was the shape of a frog. As I approached for a better look it shook off the fall and hopped away. It made me smile. Back to reading.

Plop.” Seriously? Yes, another frog fell from the heavens and onto the same piece of lawn furniture. Siblings? Husband and wife? Probably the latter, as the second one took off in a different direction as the first 🙂 And I giggled harder the more I thought about the likelihood of not one, but two, frogs free falling into my awareness. The refrain from “It’s Raining Men” ran though my mind with new lyrics, about frogs of course.

Humidity is rising, barometer’s getting low
According to all sources, the RV’s the place to go

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Notes from an RV Park

Because M needs to shoot a beverage out of her nose today…

Sunflower Solace Farm

It has been a stretch of interesting days.  I’m not certain how my life always seems to amble along like a comedy, but it does most of the time. It could be that I am just silly 🙂

I ran up against a wall this week that I’ve not encountered ever I don’t think, since I began surfing the ‘net decades ago. I ran out of data allotment. Now, since I use my connection for work, this is a pressing issue, never mind the lack of YouTube, the inability to stream music from AmPrime, or restricting my movie selection. Suddenly, I was in a world of ‘no connection found’.  That’s because I turned my router off when I got the nifty notice from Verizon stating I’d consumed my monthly allocation.  EEEEEEEEEEK! Thankfully that occurred on a weekend when I wasn’t working, and my month rolled over soon. The park is…

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Thoughts from the week

A li’l update 🙂

Sunflower Solace Farm

BW RS IMG_2919

I feel like I’ve joined the ‘writer’s abstinence club’ of sorts lately. I think of great things to write, but I’m busily doing something else, and then I have tasks to tackle or familial bonds to reinforce with listening, advice, interventions or the like, and a dog to walk and a job, and well, then it’s past bedtime and I’ve neither read nor wrote a single line here at WP.

RV shopping:
This is one of those activities that really would benefit from the ‘rent-a-husband’ idea. Granted, I’ve polled a few male friends for input, but a woman tire-kicking just doesn’t have the intimidation factor, ya know? (unless you’re my eldest daughter who memorizes mph, engine sizes, torque and the like, but only on cars). If you’re a regular reader you’re probably going “Wha, huh? Wait, what about the tiny house in the woods deal?” Consider this practice. I’ve lived…

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Minimalism, life and hiking

Not writing much, but walking LOTS!

Sunflower Solace Farm

When you begin to consider carrying all that you need on your back for a few months, the contents of your home begin to loom in the mind as well. The idea of ‘comfort’, ‘luxury’ or ‘morale’ items becomes a topic of thought. We really don’t think about these things day to day, just like we don’t think about availability of water or food, shelter or medicine. We as a whole (define ‘we’ as you wish) mostly have never experienced true want or need. Yet more than half of the world wonders about those things daily. That is what they do each day, locate and haul water; cultivate, forage or barter for food.

So this again is a new thing, at least for me. I have had periods of want, yes – relatively speaking. I have had times of wondering, true. But I was wondering and wanting from a dry…

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Walking into 2015

Just move those feets…!

Sunflower Solace Farm

I remember the times when January 1st was a bleary-eyed sleeping in day.  A day that didn’t require going to work, woohoo!  Those days seem to be long behind me, although if I had television I might still be tempted to watch the ball drop in Times Square. This year my goal was to go to bed early and get a good ‘hike’ in on my day off. So I worked my shift on the 31st, said good-bye to my eldest who left for a new job, and headed home full of Village Inn pie.  Try as I might, I couldn’t stay up much past 10 p.m., particularly knowing I wanted to be up at 6:30.

Now I walk the dog regularly, so walking isn’t entirely foreign to me. But we take the same path nearly all of the time – down the block past the barking Shitzhu and the three cats…

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